Create your own jewellery

In my studio you have the possibility to create your own piece of jewellery and to get some insights into the jewellery world and goldsmith profession. 

Before the workshop: in a first meeting or phone conversation, we discuss which kind of jewellery you would like to create, which material you want to use and we will arrange appointments.

Workshop description: 

- insights in the jewellery world

- Information about materials, tools and techniques of a goldsmith

- design of your own piece of jewellery

- production under my supervision

When?: you can make an appointment whenever you want, preferably during the week. Evenings and Saturdays are also possible.

How long?: you have the possibility to book as many hours as you want. It depends how complicated the piece of jewellery is you want to create and how much you would like to hear from me about the goldsmith profession. 

My tip for you: a session of 2 hours is a good time to make a simple piece of jewellery. If you want to do something specific, 3-4 hours are necessary. At first, you will get some information and we will discuss your design. Then, you will create your piece of jewellery under my supervision. Beforehand, I will need to know which material you want to use in order to buy everything we need for the workshop.

Number of participants: the maximum of participants is 2 people, in order to assure a qualitative supervision. The workshop can be booked alone as well.

How much?: 40€/hour for one person

                     70€/hour for 2 people

                      The use of materials (brass and copper) are included in the price. If you would like to use silver, you can buy it at the studio

                      for 2€ per gram. If you want to use gold, the price will be calculated according to the daily rate.

Where?: in my studio , Brückengasse 14/3, 1060 Vienna

Languages: German, English and French

What will you need to bring?: I provide all the tools and equipments needed for jewellery making. For health and safety issues, you will be asked to tie up your hair and wear closed shoes and tight sleeves during the making process.

Registration: you got curious and you would like to book a workshop? Please contact me.

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