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Jewellery Design - like all other artistic discipline - isn't a profession, it's a state of mind

TUKOA-Turquoise Maisonneuve am Werktisch

I'm stubborn. And pernickety. I can fall asleep everywhere, also sitting. I often start a sentence telling a story and finish the sentence explaining another. I sometimes do things two times because I forgot I did it in the first place. I love nice books, but I am only watching the pictures in it. I don’t remember names, but I remember smiles. I can ride the bicycle, at least on straight streets. And I do jewellery. 


As I did my first necklace at 9 years old during a stay in Kuwait with my parents, I discovered material, colour & the oriental world. This explosion of discoveries moved my world deeply. From this moment on, every single travel – also simply the act of moving, became an inspiration source. The creation comes from a transformation, of a material but also in your mind. A rigid mind can’t get anything out of it. It’s why I am in a permanent search and confrontation with new experiences.


But actually, it’s not about me, it’s about you. You are the person who wants to create a moment. You are the moment-maker, I am the jewellery-maker. A jewel is not an object, it is the materialisation of an emotion. It has a story. That is the reason why every piece I make has a story behind.


Let’s create a moment together…


Turquoise Maisonneuve

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More about the milestones in my life


1984---born in a little town in Auvergne, France

1992-1993---stayed in Kuwait City and discovered that everything is possible

1993---first piece of jewellery

1999---first stay in Germany and encounter with the German language

2002---french Baccalauréat, played theatre and the piano

2005---Erasmus in Finland, met reindeers, Santa Claus and an Austrian guy

2007---worked in China, learned Chinese, still can’t speak it

2008---got a Master in international affairs, a twingo and a head full of projects

2009---entered a 3-years jewellery class in Vienna and learned to do it right

2010---got a good job in a big jewellery company

2016---quit the big jewellery company to create a little one – on my own

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